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    Meet the next generation of AI technology

    Like nothing ever before.


    Powerful Technology

    The most powerful technology, yet. Learn how our tech setup is miles ahead of the rest. 


    Completely Compatible

    Compatible with all other devices There's no need to worry about a missed connection ever again.


    Longest Battery Ever

    Running on our latest Bionic battery, it's proven to have a longer battery life than its competitors.


    Sync With Your Tunes

    Whether you have apple music, spotify, or mp3s, you can sync all your music on this device.

    Change the way you watch TV.

    Like nothing you've ever seen before, we're introducing brand new, built-in AI and ultimate 5K picture technology, all in one device.

    Compelling Technology

    With both AI picture and AI sound, there is truly no comparison to other smart TVs. The CAS has it all.

    Signature Smart Intelligence

    The CAS 5K Smart TV has  received endorsements from top software platforms and companies. With built-in integrations with Netflix, Amazon and Apple and easy access to all major gaming platforms, so you can enjoy everything in one place.